February- April 2010
Volume XI, Issue 1 & 2

From the editor's desk

Dear Readers,

As we all know, April 4th, 2010 marks the 100-year anniversary of the arrival of Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry. As a homage to Sri Aurobindo on this momentous day—momentous for India and the future of the world itself—and as a small gesture of our love and deep gratitude for all that we owe to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, we at SACAR are bringing out this special issue of New Race:
A Journal of Integral Studies.

In this special expanded issue (which substitutes for the Feb. and April issues of Volume XI) , titled “Sri Aurobindo and the Next Future of India,” we have incorporated a diversity of voices that engage in a timely reappraisal of some of Sri Aurobindo’s multi-faceted contributions to India’s present and future. Readers will find articles and essays by some well-known authors and friends of SACAR, as well as some members of our own family including our students and facilitators. In these pages we shall discover these writers presenting not only their idealistic hopes and dreams for the future of India, but also engaging in an original analysis of Sri Aurobindo’s vision for India in the light of a realistic appraisal of the dreams and pursuits of present and future generations of India.

We start by reminding ourselves of the Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo which opens the door to exploring the nature of intense sadhana that is needed for the true awakening of Indian nation. Alok Pandey reminds us that as part of the national yoga we must work toward the emergence of the true Indian soul, free from traditions and customs, and wide and spiritual in its outlook. This insightful essay is followed by another thought-provoking analysis by Mangesh Nadkarni which presents for us a deeper and sustainable solution to the serious problem of the Hindu-Muslim divide in India. Gurumurthy reminds us that the right time has arrived for India to deliver its message for the world—provided that we Indians and all who love India understand the deep and profound nature of the message that India has to deliver to the world.

With faster economic progress and greater opportunities, commercialism and consumerism too have spread their wings far and wide in the globalized, open economy of India today. The next article turns our attention to some insights from Sri Aurobindo for understanding the true nature of this trend of commercialism and possible ways out of its fast-growing consumerist lifestyle. Science and technology are two other important areas in which today’s India and Indians have made their mark. But is there a new vision and future for science? We include two insightful essays by our students who compel us to explore some of the future directions in which science and scientific study are bound to go as the glowing light of Indian spirituality and particularly, of Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual vision, becomes more widely appreciated. A compilation of SACAR student voices on a variety of topics related to future destiny of India provides a glimpse into the many hopes and dreams the future visionaries hold in their hearts and minds.

We hope that this special issue of New Race will inspire and motivate all those who love and care for the future destiny of India and who aspire to consciously participate in a genuine resurgence of the true Indian Spirit. We hope our readers will find in these pages a new freshness and originality in interpreting Sri Aurobindo’s and Mother’s timeless message that a spiritual revitalization of Indian hearts and minds is necessary, not only for the sake of India’s future and her destined mission in the world, but for the future of humanity and the earth itself.

Till next time.......
Beloo & Larry




From the editor's desk


- The Mother


'The New and Free India'
- Sri Aurobindo


The Yoga of the Indian Nation
- Alok Pandey


Hindu-Muslim Unity in
Sri Aurobindo's Light
– Mangesh Nadkarni


India's Time Has Come
- S.Gurumuthy

Commercialism and Consumerism in Today's India: Preliminary Reflections in the light of
Sri Aurobindo's Thought
- Beloo Mehra

Future of Scientific Study in the light of Indian Spirituality
- Sreerangan Siddharthan


Sri Aurobindo's Prespective on the Future of Scientific Study
- Chandra Pitchal


A Peek into the Hearts and Minds Shaping India's Next Future
- SACAR Students


India on the March:
An Evolutionary Approach to the Unfolding of Indian Consciousness
- Ananda Reddy

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