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From the editor's desk

Dear Readers,

We pray for the well-being of all as we convey Darshan greetings on the Mother’s birthday.

February 2008 is a special month, month of many birthdays.

February 28th marks the 40th anniversary of the inauguration of Auroville, the city of the future. In our special issue of New Race we celebrate this occasion by reviewing some of the words of the Mother about Auroville. A city of the future that is being built in the present is bound to go through a number of struggles in its organization and growth process. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother emphasized that any progress toward transforming the earthly life into a divine life must never ignore or forget the collective aspect of life and human experience. Sri Aurobindo tells us that the Eternal affirms Himself equally in the single form and in the group-existence; “…the development of the individual [is not] the sole object of the Divine in the world…the Divine manifests himself always in the double form of the separative and collective being.” Inspired by this truth we have selected for our readers a compilation of Mother’s advice and guidance for Auroville that focuses on its social, economic and communal organization. 

The world is coming closer everyday, and the ideal of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam continues to inspire the people of Auroville despite the struggles on the path.  Auroville is an experiment in human unity -- unity in diversity that co-exists with freedom and equality. In this leap year on February 29th as we celebrate the anniversary of Supramental Manifestation, an important event in the earth’s history, let us all – Aurovillians or not -- recall for ourselves the vision and ideal of human unity that Sri Aurobindo has given us.

The Golden Day of February 29th marks the second anniversary of SACAR. Birthdays are good occasions to reflect on the journeys we have been on, and also opportunities to renew our hopes and dreams for the future. We at SACAR have done exactly that this year. We present for our readers an introspective look at SACAR and also share with them our dreams for its future. We pray to the Mother to guide us always in this collective journey shared by all who are involved with SACAR, at Pondicherry and from outside, and who continue to support us in many ways.

We hope you enjoy this Anniversary Special issue of New Race.

Till next time…— Beloo